Risk Warning


Please read and accept the Risk Warning below to continue:

AngelHub Limited (“AngelHub”, “we”, “our” or “us”) is a Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission licensed equity crowdfunding platform, accessible ONLY by Professional Investors (“Investors”, “you” or “your”) as defined in Schedule 1 of the Securities and Futures Ordinance (Cap.571 of the Laws of Hong Kong) and in section 3 of the Securities and Futures (Professional Investor) Rules (Cap.571D of the Laws of Hong Kong).

AngelHub allows Professional Investors to directly invest in early stage private companies which have been approved by AngelHub (“Startup”), via the website located at www.angelhub.io (“Site”).  

In considering whether to invest, you should inform yourself and be aware of the risks generally, and in particular should note the following:


  • Investments in early stage companies are considered a complex product by the SFC, and are specifically an investment in a private company.
  • Your investment is illiquid, not transferable to third parties, may lose all value, and any returns on your investment may not be realized for five or more years
  • While your potential gain on any investment is not capped or limited, you may lose all your principal and there is no early termination option - you must hold the investment to its maturity.
  • There is no secondary market for investments in Startups on our platform.
  • The offering documents or information provided by the Startups on our platform have not been reviewed by the SFC and you are advised to exercise caution in relation to any offer.
  • Any information provided by a Startup on past performance of that Startup is not indicative of future performance.